Self-Empowered Healing Journey

Self-Empowered Healing is taking control of your health to create the vibrant well-being which you define as your optimum state. It utilizes techniques from the only 3 areas we truly control in our lives: what we put into our bodies, how we move our bodies, and how we control our thoughts. 

This is not an overnight process. Commitment is needed, AND science has shown that it can yield dramatic results in overcoming and resolving many diverse health conditions. You can learn more at my blog "What is Self-Empowered Healing?" and "Self-Empowered Healing: Can DIY Really Heal Serious Health Conditions?"

Dr. Pizzino guides you on this journey of 10 hours of consultation focusing on lifestyle and mind-body techniques to radically change nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and thinking behaviors which are blocking you from experiencing optimum well-being. Schedule a Free Discovery Session to learn more about how this applies to your unique health questions.  

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COVID-19 Prevention Alternatives

Covid 19

Science-based methods to prevent serious COVID-19 disease are available with or wtihout vaccination. During your 30' consultation, we discuss your unique health and environmental risks, as well as how you can empower yourself to take control of your risks. We will discuss alternatives including beneficial and harmful supplements, medications such as ivermectin, and other aspects of pandemic risk over which you can take control. 

Schedule your 30' consultation at this link.