What is a New Patient Visit like?

We are glad you are ready to start your journey to health.

Here is how our New Patient visit works. Click the links to learn more.

Just to let you know up front, we are out-of-network for insurance. We provide you with insurance forms and medical visit documentation to be able to file for reimbursement if you have any out-of-network coverage. We start with some in-office testing, including urine acidity analysis and bio-impedance analysis, or BIA. This give us information about your hydration status, body composition, toxin levels and overall healing reserves. We will review your medical & nutritional history in detail looking for your unique pattern of the seven root causes of illness. Our physical examination focuses on additional clues to these root causes. Then we will map out a specific plan of treatment which may include root cause laboratory tests, lifestyle recommendations including condition-specific nutrition, medication, nutritional IVs and oral supplementation, mind-body and/or energetic therapies. Your printed report will give details on how these therapies work. Plan to be at our office for up to 2 hours on your first visit.

Access the secure New Patient Portal, learn more about How We are Different, and more here.