Optimal Wellness
Empowering People to Heal Themselves
Health can be defined in many ways. For many people, it is not even considered until some aspect of it is noticeably missing. If you take a moment to mindfully assess your own health right now, consider where you might fit on a spectrum:

1.I have a serious limitation or life-threatening illness that I must address to live life fully.
2.More often than I would like, the level of my health sabotages or interferes with my activities or desires.
3.Despite attention to my health, I have periods when the level of dysfunction in my body or mind limits my activities.
4.I feel generally healthy as long as I consistently take my medications or natural supplements.
5.I feel generally healthy and am able to meet the activities of my life by simply ignoring or pushing beyond mild to moderate discomfort or dysfunction.
6.Every aspect of my body and mind functions optimally to help me meet the challenges of my family, my work and my recreation.

At Whole Health Solutions, our Partners are always whole, complete people to us. Rather than squeeze you into a box of one-size-fits-all treatments for a specific disease label, we look deeper to investigate root causes of conditions. Our treatment plan will include modalities that may improve many symptoms simultaneously because they work at these levels for whole-person well-being. This approach yields outstanding results for ailments such as:

WIN is a unique health process that combines three key elements to guide your body and mind to optimal wholeness. At each session, you will experience the 3 KEYS:

BIOFEEDBACK THERAPY to initiate your body’s natural repair mechanisms

EXPLORATION AND EDUCATION to discover the root causes of symptoms or barriers to your optimal wellness

TRAINING on what you can do to manage and maintain vibrant well-being on your own.

For more details about utilizing the 3 KEYS, and developing your own whole-person health plan, we strongly recommend tools which can be found in Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin, MD.