Empowering People to Heal Themselves
  • Have you been struggling with a chronic condition that you just can't seem to overcome?
  • Have you sustained an injury that you've been told that you'll never be able to fully heal from?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an irreversible condition from which you have a deep desire to be free?
  • Have you tried everything under the sun, including diet, nutrition, exercise, every manner of pills/potions/supplements and yet the answer is still eluding you?
  • How can you overcome the physical effects of stress which may be limiting your ability to heal?
  • Have you wondered if your body is attempting to get a message to your conscious mind about something which is out of balance in your life?
  • What if using simple, safe, and inexpensive mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques could address an aspect of your life that is out of conscious awareness, removing unknown barriers to healing your physical body?
  • Could your distressing symptoms be inviting you to go on a healing adventure?

If you are only focusing on physical health practices, then you are missing two thirds of the total health equation. BEAM Energy delivers to you a potent system allowing you to harness your sub-atomic biofield, along with the power of your mind, your emotions, and your spirit to create radical self-healing. Bringing together the physics of quantum mechanics and medical sciences such as neuroplasticity and psychoneuroimmunology, then merging these sciences with the wisdom of Eastern healing traditions as well as mind-body-spirit practices, you get the winning edge to overcome seemingly unshakable health challenges. 


Are you aware that current research shows that up to 70% of the healing process is actually due to what researchers call the placebo effect? This label of “placebo effect” is really just a fancy term meaning the researchers could not find a reason that healing actually occurred. It doesn’t mean “nothing happened”. It means something indeed extraordinary happened that didn’t fit their model of using drugs, surgeries or other known mechanisms. Learn about the supporting science of BEAM Energy described below.

This healing process is actually the power that is contained within every single cell. And, more importantly, it is revealed as the innate, natural way your body is designed to coordinate its activities to keep you whole and healthy. This beneficial balancing is called homeostasis. It requires ALL of your organ systems to function together, like a symphony producing beautiful music. By studying homeostasis, we have learned how to help the body get back its effortless ease and inherent equilibrium. Science is now proving that you can encourage this state of balanced vitality through bio-electric therapies, and specific applied mind energy. We call this BEAM Energy. (top of page)


What is a BEAM Energy Adjustment?
BEAM Energy adjustments help regulate the flow of bio-electric and applied mind energies in the body through several energy modalities described below. Using muscle response energy balancing, BEAM Energy adjustments address and correct root causes which may block the healthy flow of energy for your health and well-being.

What happens during a BEAM Energy session?
Any or all of the following techniques may be experienced during a BEAM Energy session: biofeedback, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapies, tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT), Thought Field Therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and other energy modalities. We will tap into the information stored in your body and subconscious mind to activate your deepest healing using muscle response testing. Most of us are aware that when we are in a relaxed, peaceful state, we feel better able to respond to whatever is going on around us. In fact, your muscles will “lock” to firmly grasp those things that feel true and “right” to you. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when something seems false or harmful, muscles “unlock” or go slack, such as when we get “weak in the knees” after hearing bad news. We will work together to uncover the specific ways YOUR body communicates what works best for YOU.

How long does a BEAM Energy session last?
Each BEAM Energy session may last 45 to 60 minutes. For complicated health challenges, we recommend initial visits of 90 minutes.

How many sessions are necessary?
People have been known to clear long-standing health issues in as little as one session. Other concerns may have multiple “layers” that require additional sessions to completely resolve.

Are there any side effects?
BEAM Energy adjustments are among the most rapid, effective, gentle therapies available. You will remain comfortably clothed, including when using fingertip tapping on acupuncture points. You may also opt to include more traditional acupuncture methods involving very fine needles.

Can I combine BEAM Energy Adjustments with other treatments I am doing?
BEAM Energy adjustment complement and enhance your results from any other type of treatment you are receiving. By improving the smooth, balanced flow of energy in your body, other treatments can achieve quicker results with fewer side effects.

How much does a BEAM Energy Adjustment cost?
Sessions are $150 per hour. It is possible to arrange an extended session when working on particularly complex issues.

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What is the science supporting BEAM Energy Adjustments?
Although you may not think of your body as an electromagnetic field, it is. This is what allows us to use diagnostic techniques such as electrocardiograms (EKG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This electromagnetic field can even be measured several feet outside your body. (See Scientists Discover We Have a “Force Field” Around Our Bodies.) It is most obvious in the organs of the brain, nervous system, heart and muscles, but it is part of every single cell. Yale scientist Harold Saxon Burr, the first person to use a voltmeter to test the electromagnetic fields of the human body in 1936, said: “Electricity is the way nature behaves.” Electromagnetic forces are the invisible, but measurable waves that are created when electrons move, creating a magnetic field. How many waves fit into a specified distance is termed “frequency.” Different tissues, different cell types have different frequencies. In fact, your body has thousands of different frequencies. So do electrical appliances, magnetic motors, and even the Earth itself. These frequencies all act differently. For instance, X-rays can disrupt tissues and kill tumor cells, but other frequencies, for instance from the sun, cause vitamin D to be made in your cells. The bottom line is: some frequencies harm and some frequencies heal.

One of the fastest growing areas of health research involves these subtle frequencies and the science of the mind. Research into neuroplasticity shows that the brain can actually be “re-wired” even after injuries or illnesses such as stroke. Psychoneuroimmunology has documented the “molecules of emotion” that trigger receptors on tissues as diverse as white blood cells and neurons. It has been said that we only use about 10% of our brains. Again, this may only be what we are aware of. Like an iceberg, only a tiny fraction of what goes on in your mind and brain is conscious; the rest is unconscious. Not absent, just not at the level of awareness. The vast majority of what goes on in your body, especially homeostasis, falls into the seemingly inaccessible abyss of the unconscious. Through muscle response testing, we can actually ask the body questions about the mind and the body itself, exposing the roots of homeostasis and healing lying hidden in the unconscious. Even faster than nerve conduction or blood flow, your body is communicating with its various parts sub-atomically at the speed of light.

Medical acupuncture and biofeedback have undergone thousands of studies to show their value. Check with your insurer to see if these valuable treatments are covered by your health insurance. Other modalities used during BEAM Energy adjustments, such as EFT and Thought Field Therapy, have over 60 published studies in refereed journals, including the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. These include 20 randomized controlled trials, with more than 98% of findings supporting effectiveness. Studies sometimes lasting up to a year also show that results are lasting. Check out this link with Dr. Oz to learn more about Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields used for healing.  (top of page)


Learn details about the science of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) in this book by physicist Bryant Meyers: PEMF-The 5th Element of Health

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While working with a patient having insomnia, neck and shoulder pain, we addressed her as a whole person. She sent this testimonial.

Dear Dr. Pizzino,
"Thank you" for introducing me to the "BEAM ENERGY". It has made a huge difference in how I feel in a very short period of time. Literally after the first session I felt a layer of anxiety completely vanish. I have always been an "on the go", "type A",people pleaser. I felt an immediate calmness come over me after my first "BEAM" treatment an it hasn't left. For 3 months I put off confronting a friend about an incident that hurt me deeply. That day, I went home and wrote the first of two notes detailing the situation and why I was hurt. Normally I would have let the incident go and secretly harbored resentment. I was extremely clear and confident in what I needed to do, spoke my truth in a loving way and confronted the situation head on. Thank you for this therapy. I am excited to continue treatments to see how this technique can advance my healing journey.... Sincerely, Lynn.